Sunday, 21 May 2017

Term 2 Week 3

Star of the Week:
This week Eliza got to sit in the green chair.   She really enjoyed the privileges associated with being our Star pupil, such as going out first and being right up the front of the line.  It is so great to have a wonderful role model like Eliza.  I look forward to hearing about what her and Bernard got up to this weekend.

Our Temple Visit:
Here are lots of photos from our Temple visit.  I hope you heard about it when your children got home - it was lots of fun.

It was Lauchlan's birthday that day so he was very happy to get to wear the police uniform!

As you know we finished looking at snails at the end of the last term and before we start our next unit on Forces I thought it would be fun to investigate things to do with water.  The other week we looked at the buoyancy of salty water and had great success making things float.  This week we investigated how mollusks filter the sea water.  In their groups the children had to devise the best filter to clean the "dirty" sea water I had made.  It was great fun to watch them really working as a team to problem solve.  Once they had tried it one way they were encouraged to give it another go and improve their filter.  There were lots of successes in this experiment.

Next week I hope to show you our Pic Collage work we have been working on in maths.  This is just one app that we have introduced the children too.  It is a really fun app to work with for creating colourful and informative sheets.

Hope you enjoy looking through our exciting and varied week.
Mrs Crowhurst