Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Term 3 Week 7

Literacy Week!!!  Yeah!!

Knowing that nursery rhymes are sooooooo important for children to hear we began our week enjoying listening to lots of nursery rhymes.  Together as a class we identified the rhyming words and looked at how they were spelt.

The children were in their reading groups to do 4 nursery rhyme rotations.  In between Stu Duval entertaining us, we very busily got on with the art and literacy activities.

Here are some of the Humpty Dumpty pieces of artwork the children did in response to that nursery rhyme. The children were very creative in the clothes they gave to Humpty.  It was also a great activity to practice precision as they had to concertina fold the legs and arms themselves.

While that was happening another group were completing a poem based on Baa Baa Black Sheep.  They used a writing form to help them with the structure.  Children just love to create rhymes and we spent a long time on the mat chuckling away about their choices of animals and things to collect off each one.

This has been a great basis for our comprehension strategy we are going to practice in Week 8 and Week 9 - retelling the story.  Nursery rhymes are a short succinct story that is easy to retell.

There was a lot of oral language during the week and finally this ended in the children performing their nursery rhyme for the class.  I don't think the photos will capture how hilarious these were.


The wonderful wall

The egg before the fall

The egg after the fall and the Kings men rushing to help!


Here comes beautiful Miss Muffit

Look at that horrible spider coming, she sure ran away fast


 The lovely housewife with her back to the sneaky mice

The mice chasing the farmers wife

And then it all changed!  Out came the knife and the chase reversed

And of course no Literacy Week would be complete without a character parade.  We had some absolute winners.  Well done to everyone who put the effort in to dress up like a character - it made the day great fun.....I suppose the hut building at the end of the day helped a bit too :)

 Hut Building 101 - I have promised them we will get to do it again and they have so many plans for the second time around...

It was really great to have such a practical place to work on their cooperation skills. Most of the time they supported one another's ideas and were able to let different people take turns at leading the play.  The only problem.....they had to be taken down at the end of the day :(  Boo Hoo

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Term 3 Week 6

We finally made it to Japan.  We practiced some language and made a hand roll sushi each.  All the children also tried miso soup (again super proud of them when they were trying it for the first time).

Jamie and Rachael's mums put together such an organised time for us - they showed us a casual kimono, they had created some origami name badges with the children's names in Japanese characters for them to trace, they showed us all how to make a hand roll sushi and to top it off they bought in cute photos of Jamie and Rachael at their Shichi-Go-San celebrations.

Also this week we were really lucky to have Mrs Driver come and view some of our Genius Time creations.  Luca had made something in his own time and his dad dropped it in so we could see what he had made.  A very, very, very tall Burg Khalifa.

We also showed her how varied our Genius Time projects were - ranging from Georgia's pussy cat blanket through to Jamie's soccer ball he was making.

Here are some other Genius Time photos to show you how busy our children are at this time of the week....

As soon as I find out how to upload the videos to You Tube I will post some footage of Genius Time so you can get a taste of real life Year 1 Genius Time's active, engaged and varied!