Sunday, 30 July 2017

Term 3 Week 1

We like to do things with a big bang round here....and this week was no exception.

First up -


We enjoyed dressing up - so many great ideas and the children were excellent supporters of one another, praising each other on their ideas.

We had necklaces with 100 things on them, hats with 100 eyes, bundles of 10 pasta shapes, 100 pegs edging a scarf, t-shirts with 100 written on them plus 100 paper clips.  Jayan enjoyed showing us his 100 emoji sandwich board, and Mrs Crowhurst enjoyed clipping nearly 100 pegs on herself!

 Room 8 also celebrated their 100 days at school so Mrs Grant and Mrs Crowhurst got together for a photo.  She had 100 pompoms stuck to her shirt.

The next fun thing was the activities.  The children were split into 4 groups and moved around lots of activities: making lists of 100 words, finding 100 words that rhymed, sticking 100 eyes on a monster plus the favorite - making big cookies that had 100 yummy chocolate chips on them.

Best surprise ever.....being allowed to eat chocolate chips once they had 
separated them into groups of 10!

The finished product!!!  It was so yummy!!

So after that huge day we relaxed a bit and did some bridge building using our cool BRIDGE IN A BAG  kit from Futureintech.

Here they are working as a team to construct the Beam Bridge.

Here is the finished bridge.  They did all try standing on it but I was too busy holding hands to photograph it....

On Friday we had 4 children who were chosen throughout the week to be our SPECIAL WRITERS.  Each of their work demonstrated an aspect of writing to a high standard.  The special writers were:




and Lauchlan

Well done to all 4 of them - superb effort!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Week 9

We are looking at position and direction within our geometry strand study.  Initially we were focusing on maps and learning the commands forwards, backwards, left and right turn.  Following on from that the children are having a go at unplugged coding (this means coding commands that aren't on a screen).  Here they are giving commands to the human "cubetto".

Our collaborative boat builders....the work so hard at lunchtimes to build these amazing structures....Team NZ watch out, here are the next generation of marine engineers!

Speaking of engineering we had Kirsten come from FutureInTech on Thursday.  She is a civil engineer and she came to talk to Room 9a and 8 about bridge building.  What a way to start some thinking!  It was a very active information time with children making bridges with their hands and bodies.  After the presentation they broke up into groups and used different materials to build bridges.  
In Term 3 our science focus will be building bridges...I can't wait....the only problem I have is where to put all the bridges they make!  My classroom is full to the brim as it is :)

Week 8

Here is a sneak peek of the calendar art that will be available.  The amazing Matisse paintings that are hanging in my room at the moment.  Completed during arts week.